Christoph Maximilian Baur’s professional title is currently called function and concept engineer. In his previous job it was called Usability Engineer. As he not only takes usability into account, but the whole user experience of a product, Christoph would also call himself in short an UX-Designer. His background is mechanical engineering with focus on automotive and human-machine-interaction. Therefore, you could also call him an Ergonomist. Many names, but one passion: Better products for the users!

„Design is the key that unlocks the opportunities trapped in ideas.“

His skillset goes from the very beginning with User Observations / Interviews, Personas, User Stories and Customer Journeys all the way to Wireframes, Prototypes and Co-Creation-Workshops. Other topics that thrill Christoph are Mobility, PRIDE, Sustainability, Typography, TRIZ, Poetry, Philosophy and many many more!

He likes to think in solutions, not in problems. Problems are there to be solved, and solutions should be done for a better good. With a responsibility for our resources and for the future user, unlocking great new ideas is something that really drives Christoph. Not only shaping a corporate culture but also better and joyful products for users!

Christoph. Behind a name, profession and title.

You in five words…

Headbanger, Prankster, Collector, Thinker, Weltverbesserer;

Your dream job as a child…

Ach, there were many: Inventor, Astronaut, Physician, Pilot, Drummer, Race-Engineer,…

How do you get to UX Design?

To be honest, I got there by coincidence. Finishing my masters in mechanical engineering, I never thought that I could be a fit for UX Design at a design agency. But with with focus on human-machine-interaction and human-factors-engineering, that was the perfect fit! During these five years I learned a lot and developed myself to the professional person I am now; therefore I am very grateful for this time!

Your most hated buzzword…

Robocars. It’s either autonomous cars or Robocop. So don’t use the term robocars. Really, no really, just don’t…

What are you nerdy about?

Pokémon! Literally everything about it: Pokémon Go, Pokémon Trading Cards, the series, the movies.

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